How To Burn Video Games

June 8th, 2010

Hey my name is Andy Sipco.

game copy wizard

I enjoy playing video games and literally own every console there is out there. The fact that your reading this your obviously in a situation that I was in a little while back. If your searching for a way to copy video games then I can imagine your going to be interested in what I have to so, so keep reading. What I am going to tell you can save you a fortune. So if your looking to burn video games,  as opposed to needing to purchase any new game that comes out then your going to be excited with what I have to tell you. It is no surprise, games are so expensive nowadays, discs get scratched so easily when your playing them, that a game copying software is inevitably what can be the ultimate discovery.

Over the years I have accumulated a vast array of games, last time I counted it was roughly 116 games. I got to a stage where I needed something that would backup the games I had incase they got scratched. I was also looking for a software that I could use when I rented out a game. Then I would copy the game if it was decent and thats when I decided to look at the possibilty of how to burn video games.  Then an idea I got from a friend brought me to the conclusion that I could use the software to copy all of my games  and then sell them on ebay for a nice profit.

Well I’d be an IDIOT if I didn’t do that…

I managed to bank nearly $3,000 by selling games that I could copy and then just sell them off on ebay. So not only did I still have the games, but I also had a serious amount of cash to play with. I did this all with the game copying software I am going to tell you about, so you can do the exact same.

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When I was looking for a software to copy literally any game from absolutely any console I found absolutely nothing but over hyped claims and free downloads, they were all duds. However, after about an hour of browsing I found something. I thought I had hit the jackpot. I decided to try it out as it looked very professional. I have to admit a flow of excitement went through me as I started burning the first game – Gears of war I think it was.

Your probably asking how well the game copying software works. Its simply amazing, easy to use and your up and ready to go the second you download it. Previously the only way to burn video games was to mod your console by placing a chip inside. This was popular, however, there are a lot of reasons you should avoid this way.  Let me tell you now, the price isn’t the only reason…

Its amazing that by just installing a software you can crack almost any game. You probably know well all new games are encrypted with an inbuilt protection. When I found out about this software I didn’t hesitate in buying and if your looking to copy any game from any console be it xbox 360, playstation 1,2 or 3, nintendo wii or whatever then your going to be glad your reading this site I set up. The greatest thing is the price! There are many things you can do with this software to make your money back in 10 seconds flat.

I recommend you use the software called game copy wizard. Here are some of the features below:

  • With the  small cost of only $29.99. (That is 1/2 the cost of a brand new game – You could copy!)
  • Easy to use. There is no need to “mod” your system. The instructions are laid out in a very simple to understand manner. It really couldn’t be easier. Place a game in, use the software to copy the game and copy it on a cd.
  • Works for ALL game consoles including: Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation, PS2, Gamecube, Dreamcast, and even PC.
  • Excellent quality, the game quality is 1:1 which means the same as the original
  • It not only works for games, but also for files like movies and music.
  • Compatible with all computers.

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So I guess your wondering how this works…

Literally all you just have to do is place the game your looking to burn into the cd tray, let the program run, then just follow the on screen prompts. When that is done, the game gets saved on your PC or laptop and all you need to do is burn the video game to a CD or DVD. Really its that simple. As far as I remember the price they are offering is soon to be increased and heck im not surprised at all.